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How Sipcom helped a 500+ employee U.S. company reduce costs, save time, and improve efficiency by completing their unified communications upgrade.


An established U.S. based IT training company is embarking on a transformative journey to upgrade its communication infrastructure by migrating a portion of its users from its legacy PBX platform to Microsoft Teams.

This strategic move is driven by the company’s desire to embrace modern communication technologies, enhance collaboration, and deliver a seamless experience to both its employees and clients. To ensure a smooth transition, the company aims to run both the legacy PBX and Microsoft Teams simultaneously during the migration process and after as a subset of users will still be using the legacy platform. As the company only has a small IT department, they also require ongoing Teams Tenant Support once the migration is complete for continuous operational excellence.


BYOT (Bring Your Own Trunk), Teams Managed Services


IT Training



Company Size

500 Employees

Business challenges

Customer C would like a solution that seamlessly migrates their users from their old PBX to Microsoft Teams however some users will continue to use their old PBX and as such, they require to run both solutions with no service disruption to their business.  As an SMB customer, Customer C’s IT team requires continued help and support after the project is complete with tenant management to allow them to focus on more strategic internal initiatives.
IT Training case study

Our solution

Sipcom deployed Customer Cs’ solution on the Sipcom HALO platform using our Bring-Your-Own-Trunk (BYOT) Service. Sipcom’s BYOT offering allowed Customer C to establish routes between their on-premise solutions and retain their 500 DECT phones. By integrating into existing technology, Customer C was able to avoid the higher costs involved with a complete technology transformation.​ Sipcom’s BYOT Solution has enabled Customer C to seamlessly operate dual systems throughout their migration process, ensuring a smooth transition for the users they migrated to Microsoft Teams with no service disruption.

Once the project was complete, Sipcom deployed its Teams Managed Service offering to provide Customer C with a completed solution. Sipcoms Teams Managed Service offering leverages its significant experience in Microsoft Voice and Teams deployments to provide Customer C with a high level of service, without the hassle. All Teams tenant administrative tasks are carried out under a defined role-based access control (RBAC) matrix while observing and conforming to ISO27001 and GDPR considerations.

IT Training case study

Our services included:

BYOT (Bring Your Own Trunk) & Teams Managed Services

Benefits of our solution

90 Users, 0 disruption

A staggered technology transformation migration for 90 users from an old PBX phone system to Microsoft Teams. Sipcom BYOT allowed Customer C to support both systems at once ensuring there was no disruption to collaboration

High availability

A highly available solution with Data Centers geographically dispersed to allow for failover in multiple regions.

Direct support

Continued direct support for Customer C’s IT team with their Teams Tenant Management, Call Queues, and Auto Attendant configuration, as well as Customer C’s Enterprise Call Recording capability.​

Our results

Sipcoms BYOT and Teams Managed Services solutions helped Customer C achieve its digital transformation goals whilst also ensuring no disruption in service during their tailored migration. Customer C reduced costs, saved time, and improved efficiency by completing their unified communications upgrade.

By using Sipcoms BYOT service Customer C was able to achieve their goal of migrating to Teams whilst also retaining their existing PBX for the users they chose not to migrate.

Customer C’s IT Team now has continued expert voice support with their Teams Tenant Management allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and continual operational efficiencies.

IT Training case study

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