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Increasing productivity and confidence in employees working from home

How Sipcom helped over 16,000 employees integrate Webex into their home workflows for increased productivity and enjoyment.


In response to the evolving landscape of remote work, a leading healthcare insurance company in the United States, boasting over 23,000 employees, sought Sipcom's expertise to enhance productivity and confidence among its workforce operating from home.

With a staggering 16,000 employees transitioning to Webex for their virtual collaboration needs, the challenge lay in maximizing adoption and ensuring seamless integration into home workflows.

Understanding the unique user personas and organizational culture of Customer D, Sipcom embarked on a tailored approach, aptly dubbed “Get to grips with Webex” and “Fall in love with Webex”. Through visually engaging communication campaigns and rapid development of digital assets, Sipcom equipped users with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage the full potential of Webex, focusing particularly on new features vital for maximizing value realization.


Collaboration Technology Adoption



US Based

Company Size

23,000+ employees

Business challenges

As an existing Webex Meetings user, Customer D has recently integrated Webex Training and Event Center for their 16,000 registered users and would like to increase adoption and productivity when working from home.

Customer D requested that they would like their executive team to understand the full feature set and functionality of the Webex product suite, anticipating that their increased confidence in the service would have a direct impact on their wider user community.

Customer D would like to introduce the concept of “Touchless Meetings” to enable users to walk into a room and start a meeting with minimum effort and seamlessly​ in line with Customer D’s internal COVID guidelines.

Dr. looking up information on laptop. Collaboration tech adoption case study

Our solution

Discovery: Sipcom understood Customer D user personas and business culture to generate a curated, tailored approach to the project.

“Get to grips with Webex” & “Fall in love with Webex”: Sipcom created tailored visual design to support the communication campaigns.

Campaign Style Assets: Sipcom developed digital content in record time to support Customer D users on the Webex product suite within the project timelines.

Focus On New features: Webex continues to release new updates every month in new versions of the service. Sipcom focused on new features that helped the users continue to get maximum value realization from the tool.

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Our services included:

Collaboration Technology Adoption Service - WebEx

Benefits of our solution

increasing productivity

100% Confidence increase

After Sipcom completed coaching for Customer D, all 500 coaching attendees confirmed that there was a 100% shift in confidence of using the application after the training.

increasing productivity

112.7% Video meeting increase

Once Sipcom had finished their Adoption Engagement, Customer D saw a 112.7% increase in video meetings over 30 days. Video Conferencing continues to be promoted heavily by the Leadership Team throughout the organization.

increasing productivity

82% Webex adoption increase

Following Sipcom’s Adoption intervention, Customer D had an 82% increase in Adoption of Webex with users feeling more confident using their collaboration tool. 

Our results

Customer D Executive Team understood the difference between multiple Webex applications and how to use them correctly and more effectively.

The number of support tickets raised internally has reduced significantly as end users now understand why and when to use the application better and with more confidence.

Increasing the usage of video calling and touchless meetings to make the Webex experience more enjoyable and engaging for end users.

Dr. enjoys collaboration technology while working from home. Case study results.

The results speak for themselves

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