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How Sipcom seamlessly up-skilled over 4,000 employees to Microsoft Teams at stunning speed—without overloading the customers’ service desk.


In a bid to revolutionize collaboration within the financial services sector, a UK-based regulatory body enlisted the expertise of Sipcom to swiftly up-skill its 4,000+ strong workforce on Microsoft Teams.

Facing the challenge of rapid deployment without overwhelming the service desk, Sipcom orchestrated a solution centered on end-user experience and streamlined communication.

Acknowledging the urgency imposed by external events, Sipcom swiftly mobilized a dedicated team to pivot the project towards user-centric strategies. By prioritizing user needs and refining timelines, Sipcom ensured a holistic learning journey, rapidly prototyping digital content and introducing a proprietary coaching scheduling system to accommodate the massive scale of deployment.


Collaboration Technology Adoption


Financial Services



Company Size

4,000+ employees

Business challenges

Customer C engaged Sipcom to rapidly up-skill all 4,000 of their employees on the implementation of a new messaging and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams.

The necessary speed of deployment and adoption for a large group risked a sudden increase in Service Desk tickets if end users were unable to adopt the new technology quickly. Effective communication and content would be critical in delivering a successful outcome.

Events outside of Customer C or Partner control meant that the project was fast-tracked, meaning that the initiation meeting took place only two days before the first deployments were due to go live.

Focusing on end users case study

Our solution

Sipcom’s best-practice guidance shifted the focus of the project away from a technology-orientated approach, to focus on end users and their experience whilst using the platform and their requirements.

Sipcom amended the original plan and timelines to maximize the end-to-end experience; mobilizing a team of 6 people working around-the-clock to enable delivery in record time.

Sipcom developed a value proposition that helped to answer Customer C colleagues’ questions regarding using Microsoft Teams over Skype and help drive behavioral change.

Sipcom rapidly prototyped digital content to support the accelerated deployment and learning journey.

Sipcom introduced a proprietary coaching scheduling system in order to scale to meet the demands of 4,000 employees going live in two weeks.

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Our services included:

Collaboration Technology Adoption Service

Benefits of our solution

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Rapid migration of 4,000 employees

Sipcom was given just two days to build a custom training program for immediate delivery and succeeded, fast-tracking 4,000 staff to Microsoft Teams.

Increased efficiency

Through our Dynamic Booking system, Sipcom was able to assist with Customer C’s internal Comms Team’s efficiency by enabling end users to book coaching sessions at times that worked for them; fully integrated into the Sipcom booking system.

High adoption

After 150+ hours of coaching Sipcom was able to minimize impact on Customer C’s Service Desk through high adoption. Only 3% of calls received after Sipcom’s Adoption Engagement were related to Microsoft Teams*

*Only 80 calls of 4,500 to Service Desk for MSFT Teams post roll-out

Our results

Sipcom’s best-practice guidance shifted the focus of the project away from a technology-orientated approach, to focus on end users, their experience whilst using the platform, and their requirements.

Sipcom became champions for Customer C colleagues, creating a tailored coaching program based on their organizational identity and culture.

Colleagues shaking hands. Focusing on end users case study

“Fabulous, friendly coach. Entertaining and knowledgeable. Informative and engaging.” “Excellent, dynamic training. I was quite fearful of the new system but feel a lot better now!”



The results speak for themselves

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