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How Sipcom empowered employees of one company to embrace change and drive organizational growth in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.


In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Customer A embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its legacy IT infrastructure, recognizing the need for a more agile and efficient collaboration solution.

Entrusting Sipcom with this pivotal task, the UK-based company sought to seamlessly migrate from BlueJeans to Webex, leveraging Cisco and Microsoft technologies to drive broader organizational benefits.

Sipcom swiftly formulated a strategy centered on elevating end-user confidence and proficiency through meticulous migration and support processes. By crafting a compelling value proposition and rapidly prototyping digital content, Sipcom instigated a paradigm shift in attitudes towards technology, fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment at
Customer A.


Collaboration Technology Migration




Company Size

100+ Employees

Business challenges

Customer A was in the process of refreshing their legacy IT infrastructure which they believed did not provide effective support to their business

Customer A introduced Webex as the default messaging, meeting and calling app and enabled the retirement of their previous collaboration technology (BlueJeans)

Executing their digital workplace strategy and having invested in Cisco and Microsoft Collaboration Technology, Customer A wanted to attain broad outcomes and benefits through successful technology adoption

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Our solution

Sipcom focused on raising the end user community’s confidence and proficiency with new hardware & OS via a defined migration & support processes.

Through a compelling value proposition Sipcom was able to drive behavioural change and improve attitudes towards technology at Customer A. Sipcom rapidly prototyped digital content to support users on Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Webex Teams, Meetings & Calling.

Through our Adoption engagement, Sipcom was able to build a network of technology advocates and champions to communicate and support the change programme from an end-user perspective.

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Our services included:

Collaboration Technology Migration Service

Benefits of our solution

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Accelerated digital transformation

By completing our Adoption engagement, Customer A was able to accelerate their digital transformation with a customized Technology Transformation program delivered remotely over a 9-month period instead of 18 months.

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40% user license increase

As a result of our Adoption Engagement the Partner had an upsell opportunity on user licenses with an increase of 40%*

*Increase over 30-Day Period for Cisco Webex

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4.94 satisfaction score

Following the completion of Sipcoms Coaching sessions, Customer A saw an increase in user confidence with an average satisfaction score of 4.94 out of 5 across all questions of 52 responses, with no scores below a 4/5.

Our results

Sipcom best-practice guidance shifted the focus of this migration project away from a technology-orientated approach, focusing instead on end-users and their experience whilst using new hardware and systems.

Sipcom delivered a tailored coaching program based on their organizational identity and culture.

Employees were engaged in the programme via a range of visual assets and communications, branded with a bespoke technology transformation program creative theme.

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The results speak for themselves

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