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BYOT (Bring Your Own Trunk), Teams Managed Services

How Sipcom helped a 500+ employee U.S. company reduce costs, save time, and improve efficiency by completing their unified communications upgrade.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier)

How Sipcom improved a global company’s ability to focus on strategic tasks, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for their organization.

BYOR (Bring Your Own Registration)

How Sipcom helped one global company address its challenges related to costly network connectivity, complex communication infrastructure, and inadequate collaboration tools.

Direct Routing

How Sipcom helped a global manufacturer achieve multiple layers of resiliency globally to ensure maximum uptime for their business.

Collaboration Technology Migration

How Sipcom empowered employees of one company to embrace change and drive organizational growth in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.

Collaboration Technology Adoption

How Sipcom helped over 16,000 employees integrate Webex into their home workflows for increased productivity and enjoyment.

Collaboration Technology Adoption

How Sipcom seamlessly up-skilled over 4,000 employees to Microsoft Teams at stunning speed—without overloading the customers’ service desk.

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