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Reducing costs, saving time, and improving efficiency through direct routing

How Sipcom helped a global manufacturer achieve multiple layers of resiliency globally to ensure maximum uptime for their business.


A renowned global multi-national food processing company is embarking on a strategic initiative to enhance its communication infrastructure by transitioning to Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams.

This transformation is driven by the company’s objective to achieve seamless and efficient communication across its diverse workforce spread across multiple regions and countries. The company recognizes the importance of a highly available solution that can cater to its global staff while also accommodating its future growth and expansion needs.


Direct Routing





Company Size

6000+ Employees

Business challenges

As a global organization, Customer A requires carriers in multi-regions to service their staff located in various regions.

Customer A places a premium on uninterrupted communication. Therefore, the chosen solution must offer high availability, ensuring that communication services remain operational even in the face of unexpected outages or disruptions

Customer A seeks a solution that is easily scalable and adaptable. This entails the ability to effortlessly add new number ranges and locations as the company expands its operations and workforce.

Our solution

The Sipcom HALO platform is a secure, industry-leading global cloud architecture that is owned, managed, and maintained by Sipcom. This highly available, latency-optimized infrastructure enabled Customer A to remain agile and deploy new services at speed whilst ensuring that all resilience, regulatory, and compliance needs were met.​

As Sipcom operates voice services in over 120 countries with physical core data centers in our primary markets including; North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Sipcom was able to provide Customer A with Direct Routing telephony services in all geographical locations where they required service.

Our service includes resilient connections to at least two data centers, configured in an Active – Active setup. Additional resilience is built into each data center where highly available Session Border Controller (SBC) clusters reside. This provided Customer A with a sense of assurance throughout their deployment, as the likelihood of encountering any service disruptions during their roll-out remained minimal.

Our services included:

Direct Routing Through Microsoft Teams

Benefits of our solution

Global Voice Benefit

Global Servicing

A Direct Routing global voice solution that services their teams in all regions.

Failover Protection

A highly available solution with Data Centers geographically dispersed to allow for failover in multiple regions.

Growth Flexibility

Flexibility to add new locations and numbers as Customer A expands their presence.

Our results

By deploying our Direct Routing solution through our HALO infrastructure, Customer A is able to achieve multiple layers of resiliency globally to ensure maximum uptime for their business.

Due to Sipcom’s global telephony reach, Customer A is now able to deploy voice services across the globe allowing them to add new locations and expand their existing number ranges rapidly to support their business growth.

This has resulted in reduced costs, saved time, and improved efficiency.


The results speak for themselves

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