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How Sipcom improved a global company’s ability to focus on strategic tasks, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for their organization.


A leading global financial services company is undertaking an initiative to modernize its telephony solution by transitioning to Microsoft Teams.

This strategic move is driven by the company’s commitment to enhance its unified communication strategy and embrace digital transformation. As the organization is part of the financial sector they require a solution that is highly secure and in a tightly controlled environment compliant with the stringent regulations of the US financial sector. The company aims to execute a seamless migration with zero downtime and also leverage its existing carrier services with whom they are still in contract. As the company has a global presence, they are receiving preferential rates from its current carriers and as such cannot move away from its existing providers.


BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier)


Financial Services



Company Size

2600+ Employees

Business challenges

In light of the specific requirements of Customer B’s business, they require a highly secure and tightly controlled environment that adheres to the regulations set forth by the US Financial sector.

Customer B’s requires no downtime between the move from their legacy PBX to Microsoft Teams.

Customer B currently maintains contractual agreements with several international carriers, capitalizing on their business scale to secure advantageous rates. Transitioning to an alternate service provider would potentially entail early termination penalties, which could lead to higher calling expenses and an associated rise in operational costs for Customer B.

BYOC Case Study business challenges

Our solution

Sipcom deployed Customer B’s solution using the HALO platform. This platform is a secure, global cloud architecture that is owned, managed, and maintained by Sipcom. The solution is a highly available, latency-optimized infrastructure that enabled Customer B to meet all resilience, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

By deploying Customer B’s new Microsoft Teams solution using Sipcom’s Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) offering, Sipcom was able to leverage Customer B’s existing relationships by routing Microsoft Teams to their existing Carrier. By deploying the solution this way, Customer B was able to avoid any costs involved in canceling current contracts and continue to benefit from the preferential rates.

BYOC Case Study- Our Solution

Our services included:

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Service

Benefits of our solution

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Security alignment

Sipcom created a dedicated instance of the HALO platform for Customer B to align with the rigorous security requirements and restrictions of the financial sector in the US

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Increased cost efficiencies

Sipcom effectively harnessed Customer B’s established agreements with their global carriers, thereby yielding cost efficiencies that circumvented the necessity for contract terminations

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5000 users migrated

Sipcom used a phased delivery approach in line with Customer B’s preferences, commencing with a 5000-user migration to Teams. HALO facilitated users on both legacy and new systems allowing their employees to continue to communicate effectively.

Our results

Our HALO platform and BYOC solution enabled Customer B to seamlessly migrate their users without interruption by facilitating both their new Teams platform and their legacy PBX during their digital transformation. Moreover, our system met their stringent financial security requirements and allowed Customer B to continue to leverage their existing carrier services resulting in continued cost savings.

The HALO platform and BYOC solution provided Customer B confidence within the service and the ability to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for their organization.

BYOC Case Study Our Results

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