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Where they grow, we grow

Once a company has completed its communicational transformation journey with Sipcom, growth is almost guaranteed. And that means needing a scalable infrastructure that can support rapid growth without compromising stability.

When your rapid growth begins to happen (and it will), Sipcom has a scalable infrastructure that can support that rapid growth without compromising stability.

With the methods, expertise, experience, and stunning global tech network, Sipcom confidently promises powerful and flexible scaling support to every company who becomes our partner.

HALO makes for miraculous growth

One of the most incredible (dare we say miraculous?) things about Sipcom’s HALO Platform is its stunning ability to grow and scale seamlessly with a company’s needs.

Deployed across multiple global data centres in North America, Europe & Asia, Sipcom connects our global SIP PSTN services directly to HALO, and to Microsoft Teams. This solution enables users to be ‘homed’ to multiple highly available pairs of SBCs, providing the highest level of resilience and availability.

As your clients watch your company grow, you’ll see HALO grow with it—organically and effortlessly.

Voice coverage that canvasses the globe

With Sipcom, companies are never left on hold. Our extensive coverage canvasses the globe, spanning multiple countries and offering new telephone numbers worldwide.

In areas where our coverage might be limited, our Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) offering ensures local sites can seamlessly integrate into our global solution. This versatile approach guarantees comprehensive connectivity, ensuring your global presence, even in locations beyond our primary coverage.

Flexibility is strength

Sipcom’s scalable cutting-edge tech, global reach, and customized solutions allow every company the flexibility to grow exactly as suits it, maintaining its core strength—no stress on operations, no rigid directives that may confine natural expansion. Sipcom is prepared to support whichever shape things may take.

Our data centers: outposts of expansion

Sipcom’s physical core data centers are our strategic outposts of expansion, armed with Microsoft Azure when the need for rapid growth or dedicated facilities arises.

Operating in our primary markets—North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific—highly available Session Border Controller clusters reside within each center, ensuring their ultimate resilience.

Is Sipcom your voice estate soulmate?

If the following sounds good to you, chances are Sipcom’s your voice estate soulmate and it’s time to partner up.

  • Advanced technology and industry-leading support for seamless client management.
  • Elevated sales and marketing with dedicated assistance, co-branded materials, and compelling resources.
  • Tailored proposals and pitches for every potential customer.
  • Hands-on personalized support.
  • A genuine commitment to mutual growth and success.
halo platform

HALO: Cloud Platform perfection

Every Sipcom partner can rest assured that every move made toward communicational transformation is resilient and reliable. Why? HALO.

When we built our robust proprietary cloud platform, we were after nothing less than perfection. HALO is meticulously tailored to meet specific customer requirements, offering a seamless experience through a secure and stable ecosystem.

The Sipcom promise: you can trust HALO to elevate your digital transformation journey without ever compromising your company’s structural integrity.

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The results speak for themselves

Let’s partner up and start growing

Partner with Sipcom, and your company will grow. Period.

Sipcom UCaaS is a one-way ticket to boosted ops, business growth, and better numbers across the board. Our suite of services combined with our genius-level understanding of communicational transformation offers a new era of expansion for every partner that starts right now.