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Simplifying and streamlining global operations with the HALO Platform

How Sipcom helped one global company address its challenges related to costly network connectivity, complex communication infrastructure, and inadequate collaboration tools.


Customer D is a leading global manufacturing company with an extensive network of warehouses spread globally.

With a robust global presence, Customer D is looking to optimize its communication infrastructure to reduce costs while ensuring seamless connectivity between its various sites. The primary goal for Customer D is to transition from their expensive MPLS interconnected services to cost-effective, Internet-based OTT (Over-The-Top) services, and to streamline their communication environment through centralization. As part of this transformation, Customer D also wants to migrate its communication platform to Microsoft Teams.


BYOR (Bring Your Own Registration)





Company Size

20,000+ Employees

Business challenges

Customer D has been relying on expensive MPLS interconnected services to maintain communication between its warehouses globally. The high costs associated with these dedicated lines are straining the company’s IT budget.

Over time, Customer D has accumulated a large number of Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and ISDN circuits across its global sites. This has resulted in a complex and fragmented communication environment that is difficult to manage and scale efficiently

Customer D is also looking to update its unified communications tools to Microsoft Teams. Their current legacy PBX platform hinders effective communication and collaboration among teams across different locations. This siloed approach has led to inefficiencies and hindered productivity.

HALO platform case study

Our solution

Sipcom’s HALO platform enabled Customer D to leverage Sipcom’s global cloud architecture that included resilient connections to at least two data centers, configured in an Active–Active setup. The HALO Platform also enabled Customer D to utilize Sipcom’s highly available Session Border Controller (SBC) clusters. This provided Customer D with the global presence they required without the need for managing and expanding their own infrastructure.

Through Sipcom’s Bring-Your-Own-Registration (BYOR) service, Customer D was able to dismantle their old costly MPLS networks and port numbers over to our HALO platform. As a result, Customer D was able to move their legacy MPLS connections to a more cost-effective SD-WAN solution, resulting in substantial cost savings.”

As Customer D is a manufacturer, many of their sites had multiple 3rd party IP Phones specifically purchased for native integration with their legacy PBX. Due to the nature of Customer D’s business, these costly phones often required replacing. By moving to Sipcom’s BYOR service, Customer D was able to leverage the HALO platform to switch their expensive 3rd party IP phones to more cost-effective phones by utilizing the ability to integrate any device into the platform whilst also being able to achieve integration with Microsoft Teams which is not possible through Microsoft Teams natively.

HALO platform case study

Our service included:

Bring Your Own Registration (BYOR) Service

Benefits of our solution

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Simplified Network

Customer D was able to transition from expensive MPLS interconnected services to a more simplified network setup using Internet-based OTT services.

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Reduced Maintenance Costs

Through consolidation of communication infrastructure and centralization of services, Customer D was able to streamline their operations and eliminate the need for redundant SBCs and ISDN circuits across various sites, reducing complexity and maintenance costs.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Customer D found enhanced collaboration amongst employees and simplified management/troubleshooting across the company’s global network by completing their migration to Microsoft Teams.

Our results

Through Sipcom’s BYOR and HALO Platform, Customer D successfully addressed its challenges related to costly network connectivity, complex communication infrastructure, and inadequate collaboration tools.

By adopting a centralized approach, transitioning to Internet-based OTT services, and embracing Microsoft Teams, Customer D achieved substantial cost savings, improved collaboration, and improved its ability to scale as there was no longer a need for purchasing new networks and infrastructure equipment.

Sipcom’s BYOR Solution underscores the importance of strategic network optimization to meet the demands of a globally distributed organization while maximizing cost efficiency and productivity.

HALO platform case study

The results speak for themselves

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